Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Can't sleep won't sleep

Finished work. Walked home. Ate. It is now 10:17pm. I have a choice:

1. Do something interesting (pick up the guitar, go out, watch a DVD)

Stay up late revising for my exam

Go to sleep so I don't feel like crap when I wake up at 7.30am to do it all over again.

At times like this, I ask myself what the Colonel himself would have done.

Option 1) would be nice as I would feel like I still have a life.

Option 2) would probably be the more sensible option but then I would feel even more knackered tomorrow (and besides, I can't absorb much information in this state).

Option 3) would feel like I'm just giving up my twenties to a life of work, revision and sleep.

Is it worth giving up a decade of your life to make the next more enjoyable? Discuss.

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peace said...

27 right now, still in med school. Thanks for the lovely blog.