Saturday, October 22, 2005

The debate goes on (in my head)

It is 4.30am on a Saturday morning. I am at work. Wicked.

Pro's of being a doctor:
  • Fulfilling when you make someone feel better
  • Great job security
  • Good salary
  • Excellent job to travel with
  • Mentally stimulating (some of the time at least)

And some of the con's:
  • Constant background stress level
  • Crap hours
  • Being stuck in an inefficient stretched-to-the-limit machine (a.k.a. "NHS")
  • Gradually becoming more cynical by the week
  • Trying to balance work and (diminishing) life

A good friend reminded me last week that the grass is always greener on the other side. The latest solution is to break life down into a series of short-term goals, and not get too bogged down thinking about the future. It is working to some extent.

But none of this makes up for working a week of nights. F*ck that.

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Polly said...

Just to put a further downer on you - I did the travelling bit thinking it would be great experience. on return the buggers decided that my experience wasn't relevant and as I now had non standard nursing qualifications, i.e. they'd never heard of them, I could only get junior grade posts again. Nothing so insular as the nursing community. Hope doctors are a bit more outward looking :-)