Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A plan

Busy day today, no time for 'lunch' unfortunately. Was also told I need to present an interesting case in 3 days at the weekly meeting. I know nothing about the disease in question so it looks like revision will have to be put on hold (or rather kept on hold) until the weekend. Not ideal as there are only 3 weeks to go. Hence my plan:
1) Do the presentation (settle for a mediocre result as I'm too busy to perfect it)
2) Crack on with revision
3) Finish the exam, have a big night, then start my next week of nights the following day
4) Plan a holiday. I need something to look forward to, even if it only a 2 week break

Whilst all this is going on, I do not want to be dwelling on the state of the NHS or the future of my career. What I end up doing in 6-9 months is in some ways irrelevant - I want to pass these exams whether I leave the NHS or not, so that is what I will devote my energies towards. My life could be much, much worse than it is right now. At least I am the one handing out the treatment.

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Julie said...

I think that when you have stuff like exams hanging over you it is hard to think clearly about the future. You are right, you need to get through this next few weeks and probably till next spring when you have your holiday and it will all probably sort itself out. I have never exactly planned my career it has just sort of seemed right when it has happened. You just need to trust it will happen (as it were), better stop as sounding like mystic meg!