Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year! I'll be the one at work...

Friday night, just back from work. Managed a banana for lunch today. I could have taken a 'proper' lunch break (i.e. a luxurious 20 minute spell eating a sandwich in the doctors' mess hoping my pager didn't go off), but I opted to work through as that was the only way I would finish on the reasonable side of 6pm.

Have got back into a normal sleep pattern after a joyous week of nights, and managed to spend 3 nights at home over Xmas before coming back to work on the (Public Holiday) Tuesday for a truly wonderful 12 hour shift.

I recently switched to Cardiology, which means I am helping to look after patients' hearts now rather than their brains. Other than being very busy all day, the new job is going quite smoothly. I would consider it as a future career if it wasn't for the fact I would have to do a PhD in the subject (literally) and continue working weeks of nights into my late 30s. Not a chance.

Looking forward to 2006 immensely. My New Year's resolution is to go to the hospital at 9am on New Year's Day and work a 13 hour shift with a 20 minute lunch break in between. I hope I can stick to it, really I do.


Anonymous said...

What can other NHS workers do to make an overworked doctor's life a little easier?

Sympathies for your parlous state -which is bugger all help, I know.

Vegas said...

not much I'm afraid - the problem is inherent in the system. Governors and administrators could help... Everyone else (nursing colleagues, pharmacists, OT, physios) are all stretched to their limits too. We need more staff. That is the bottom line. The problem is they are all being taken from the thrid world where they are needed most. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

This is bound to sound stupid - I'm going to regret writing it, I know, but there's no realistic chance of you working part-time, is there?
Or does that fall over because of the 'can't then get a decent reference from consultant' scenario?

Rich said...

I have nothing but respect for anyone who works at the front line of the NHS, Doctors Nurses and all the other myriad of people who spend there time trying to stop the general public slowly dieing of intresting diseases. And of all thease people junior doctors get the most respect. You guys do all the hard work dealing with patients on the wards, copping all the abuse 'cause somthing is not done. Stick at it. The world would be a considerably worse place if people like you did not sacrifice themselves on the alter that is the NHS.

insider said...

Happy New Year to you.

Have added you to my blogroll. Your blog makes me shiver with bad memories.

Hope you enjoy PharmaGossip!

angel, jr. said...

Happy New Year buddy!

tc said...

Change the colour scheme!
I want to read this without feeling like I'm in the middle of a week of nights!

MsD said...

Guess who is going to India on a backpacking holiday next week?
yes im going crazy with excitement.
I'll see u when i get back.....

don't even bother checkin out my blog. it's past neglect.

:) smooch.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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