Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I can't cook garlic bread so how can I save lives?

I should be in bed. I have 2 more nights left to work. I am tired.

I got home at 10am this morning and put some garlic bread in the oven. I was so tired I thought I'd lie on my bed whilst I waited 15 minutes for my breakfast/dinner to cook.

The next thing I was aware of was waking up at 1.30pm in a room full of smoke and the fire alarm screaming in my ears. And now I can't sleep because it has been a really nice sunny Spring day. So I will be very tired when I start my 13.5 hour shift in 4 hours time.

Maybe if Patricia Hewitt knew what actually went on in her hospitals she would give a toss. I challenge either her or one of the multitude of drones she employs to come and shadow me for one night at work.

Still, at least I have taken the next week off as annual leave (would be nice if I was provided with some time off after 7 nights in a row, but never mind. I am delighted to use up my limited annual leave to recover). I am going to leave the country for a few days and party like a MF with the Lost Doctor.

Oh yeh, hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. I was working nights and the love of my life was on call in a different hospital from 9am to 9.30pm.
Happy Valentine's Day Mrs Hewitt.


Bishop Hill said...

"Maybe if Patricia Hewitt knew what actually went on in her hospitals she would give a toss. "

Wouldn't have thought so.

angel, jr. said...

I remember during fourth year of clerkship, falling asleep on the walk home.

The Venial Sinner said...

Mrs Hewitt is the love of your life? Pervert!

Vegas said...

Bishop Hill - I know, it was a dream. By the way, I agree with your views on the pro-animal testing protestors. I fear for their safety but admire their courage in the face of mindless thugs who will probably try to blow them up as they have no other sensible argument to offer.

Angel - falling asleep whilst walking is pretty impressive!

Mr Sinner - it's a fair cop. I love her. Not really. Simply a grammatical faux pas.