Monday, August 30, 2010

3 days of admin - woo hoo!

I missed out on a stag/paintballing weekend this week as I was feeling a bit ill. Although I'm disappointed I couldn't make it, this has turned out to be a fairly productive few days.  There are some major changes coming up in the next few months for me, all positive hopefully.  These changes will involve lots of preparation.  With that in mind, I have caned through a variety of outstanding admin tasks.  I have managed to squeeze in a couple of films and a new PS3 game of course.  Feeling generally productive and well enough to get stuck back into work tomorrow.  And there are a few beers scheduled tomorrow evening too which should be fun.

As usual, I have worked my through through all of the easy menial tasks and am left with the most important ones i.e. the ones I have been putting off for months.  And needless to say, the kitchen and my desk are well and truly cleared.  This is the classic work-avoidance strategy I'm sure many of you use as well. Better keep going with the list of jobs... One day I will achieve my aim:

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Cassandra Milner said...

You are back Excellent