Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Structured procrastination

This is a superb article:


I read it, of course, instead of starting work on my latest assignment which is well overdue.  Then to put that off even further, I decided to write about it on my blog. This all comes after tidying my desk, cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner, selecting the correct music to "work" to, organising all my belongings for tomorrow, etc.  It is now midnight.  I feel the need for an all-nighter coming on.

Just read my last blog post.  I've come full circle. Again.


Kate Mc said...

Hope the assignment went (is going?) ok... and that all is generally well-ish with you, assignments and such aside. :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent article.
Sums up the situation many of us go through very eloquently!

On a different note, I used to read your blog, and the lost doctor's (and hospital phoenix's...) blog as a medical student. I found them helpful through the house officer and SHO years in the sense that what I was feeling was not unique, and others had gone through the stresses of working and empathasing with what can be the darker side of life, as well as exams etc.
It's heartening to read that you have enjoyed what you've done next (deadlines and procrastination aside).
Do you happen to know what happened to the lost doctor? Did he enjoy his travels? Did he come back to medicine?
I ask because I've reached a similar point to where his blog left off...
Thank you for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and good luck with getting the assignment done!

Dr Vegas said...

Dear anonymous,
I can assure you that the Lost Doctor is alive and well and back in the world of medicine.
Thanks for your comments re: the blog - glad it helped other people too! I have tried to resuscitate it a few times but perhaps my lack of vitriol prevents me from doing it justice. I'll keep it open for now...

Kate - hope the marathon training is going well. Glad you are still blogging at least!

As for assignments- I requested another extension that was granted, so the work goes on...

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Vegas,
Well done on getting the assignments done (I'm assuming the 4th essay is complete :-)).
And thanks for the updates on yourself and the lost doctor!
Vitriol can be a surprisingly effective driving force, but thanks for sharing the (relative) calm after the storm, after the driving force has been and gone. I think the blog has helped more people than you realise.
Good luck in all you choose to do in life.