Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Money money money

I have recently calculated that, since graduating, I have spent just under £24,000 on postgraduate courses, exams and various other fees.  Obviously my earnings since then have covered this, and I will be able to claim a small proportion of it back, but it would probably be fairer to all concerned to make these costs clear to those thinking of a career in medicine at the outset.  

I'd hope this wouldn't put people off, and I certainly don't regret any of my career decisions, but now that students have to pay £5000-£10000 per year just to go to university in England it may be a factor worth considering.  Particularly as pay in the NHS is being frozen for several years, pension contributions are being hiked up and pension entitlements are being slashed.  Combined with the new lack of job security, the botched NHS reforms and the progressive deterioration in training standards it is an interesting time all round...

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