Friday, December 09, 2005


Exams finished! Went OK, all things considered. I had set aside 2 days at the start of the week for last-minute revision, but ended up spending them in bed with a really bad cold. Haven't really slept all week, but managed to stay alert for the actual exams.
I should be feeling really good now that I'm back in my room having spent 3 nights in London, with no more revision to do until results come out in 5 weeks. But I have this horrible sinking feeling of despair, largely due to the fact that I am starting a week of nights. It's 6.30pm and in 2 hours I will be leaving for work, to return at about 11am in the morning to go to sleep. The shift will be busy, with a half hour break at some point if I am lucky. Otherwise it will be flat out at all times. This will be repeated for 7 nights in a row, and then I will have the weekend off before I go back to "regular" hours on the Monday at 8am. It is depressing no matter how you try and dress it up. I guess there are worse things to be doing, but I am going to be counting the minutes until this time next week when I can finally relax and try to feel good about life again.
The next 2 hours are going to fly by, and the following 14 hours will probably be agonisingly slow. I will be tired for the duration of my shift, and will have to double-check everything I do to ensure that no mistakes are made.
I have just ordered a pizza and am going to put some music on to cheer myself up a little before I donate yet another week of my life to this career.


MsD said...

so what's in store for the week?

did u say u had a girl friend?!

angel, jr. said...

I just took my Step 1 exam on Thursday. I go through bi-polar feelings. On one hand I feel like I may have done well, on the other hand I feel like I really screwed up.

MsD said...

i read that NHS has cut hours and pay...what happened to u?

michelle said...

hi, i nee your help in doing a survey for my Master;s Thesis. would it be alright for you to provide me with your email so i could send it to you? Your help would greatly aid my Thesis.

Thank You

Vegas said...

msd - The NHS has not cut hours. We just have to lie when they ask us to record our hours. If we tell the truth, our Consultants give us bad references and ruin our careers. The pay, on the other hand, has been cut.

Angel - let me know how the results go. The result is irrelevant now anyway, just party until you find out. If you pass, carry on partying. If you fail, hit the books again! That's my plan.

Michelle - you'll have to give me your e-mail address so I can get back to you about the thesis

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could choose a different career? After all, MRCP is the easy option?