Thursday, January 19, 2006

Let the music play

Hurrah! I have access to my music again. For the last few months I have struggled in vain to download the latest upgrade version of iTunes via the internet. Not only do the updates not install on my laptop, but they crash so I haven't been able to listen to the 6000 songs I have "acquired" over the last 2 years. And since my iPod battery died, I have been reluctant to give any more of my money to Apple just now.

Today my brother, who works in a normal job, was given his Christmas bonus - a shiny 60Gb iPod. Aside from the usual thoughts ("sigh, I wish I was in a job where the Christmas bonus was not working a week of nights"), I ripped the installation CD out of his hands and installed iTunes straight away. Wicked. Now I can listen to all my tunes in peace, starting with "Never, never gonna give you up" by Barry White. He remains the daddy.

Apple - I apologise for infringing your copyright agreements yet again, but if you would produce software that worked and hardware that was designed to last for more than 18 months then I wouldn't have to.


angel, jr. said...

I'm not sure you are infringing. After all you paid for the iTunes to begin with and the music is part of your library.

Anonymous said...

If I don't find an alternative to that clunky crappy itunes soon I'm gonna smash my ipod mini into Steve Jobs' shiny bald scalp. It has sharp aluminium edges you know.