Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Royal College of Jesters

Revision gets harder as you get older. My exam is this month. Of course, they haven't given us the date or the venue yet. It could be in just under 2 weeks or it could be in 5 weeks. That makes a hell of a lot of difference when you are trying to plan a revision schedule. They might tell us this week, or maybe next week. As for the venue - they could send me anywhere from Wales to Cornwall and I won't know until they decide to end the suspense and inform me. That will make booking the trains/hotel/etc just a little bit more stressful, which I'm sure will add to their fun. You would think that if you spent 700 quid on an exam (plus over 2000 quid on revision courses for it) they might be kind enough to organise the damn thing properly.



Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it gets harder as you get older - I'm in my forties and am just in the middle of taking my finals (in my second degree, so I can compare now with when I was younger!). (Spending a happy afternoon thinking 'damn, I forgot to put that in' over and over again.)

But it DOES get more difficult the more stuff you have in your head to start with.
I find, anyway.
It just leaks out as soon as I put it in. But it was the same with my first degree many years ago.

Is that reassuring? Probably not. All the best for some swift news on a date and place for exams.

Kate said...

700 quid for 1 exam? And here I thought the £8000 I was paying to this institution as a foreign student was a lot... at least I get a year's instruction and a degree at the end. Your plight almost makes me feel better about this expenditure.


Vegas said...

Kate - £8000 is extortionate. That does make me feel slightly better (or more accurately 'less annoyed').

Anonymous - good luck with finals! Enjoy the summer afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Ta, Vegas - glad to hear you've got a date, and good luck for your exams, too.

Am still thinking 'damn, forgot to put that in' about my Immunology exam from Friday am...damn T cells - too much to write.