Sunday, June 04, 2006

Positive mental attitude

I have my exam date. 2 weeks from now. Not ideal, as it could have been 5 weeks from now. And they are sending me to the middle of nowhere as predicted (£50 for a train, £60 for a hotel, etc).
Still, it will be nice to get the exam out of the way early before everyone else. I will be able to enjoy most of the World Cup and be able to watch Henman get his ass kicked at Wimbledon for the last time before he retires. Besides, if I had more time to revise I suspect I would probably end up shaving my head and going a bit mental.

Will be out of the blogging loop for the next week but look forward to resuming next Sunday when I will know everything and will feel really confident about the exam.


Kate said...

Best of luck with the revision, and kick some ass on that exam!

angel, jr. said...

Good luck!!

El Diablo De Verde said...

The very best of luck to you for your exams, Doc.

gimlet said...

...and good luck from me as well.