Monday, June 12, 2006

One week

Thanks for the good-luck messages. I intend to work solidly all week to prepare for the exam. I have 2 major motivations:
1) I do not want to sit this bloody exam again.
2) I can't wait for Tuesday when I can sit back with a cold beer and watch.... oh no, I forgot - I am back at work the day after my exam doing a 13 hour shift. Never mind. There's always the 2010 World Cup to look forward to.

Whether I pass the exam or not is now down to luck. All I can do is my best and nothing more. Whatever happens, it's been an experience that hasn't killed me so by definition I am now stronger.


Kate said...

Still sending out the kick-some-ass vibes. Hope you get to watch SOME of the Cup.

Jess said...

OH MY GOD! stumbled across your site after googling 'gp vs hospital medicine' whilst doing med SpR on call waiting for next bleep to happen. HOW FABULOUS, you appear to have tapped into my unconscious stream of thoughts and posted them for all to see. Hang in there vegas, cause if you're anything like me you'll get your mrcp, start doing a lat, have all manner of 'research opportunities' thrown at you (cheap intelligent workforce fodder desperate for a NTN that you will be) and then...on the day of applications for the last ever NTN in your region decide: Fuck this, I need my life outside medicine, all my consultants are knackered, pissed off, have a full time partner who runs the rest of their life, amazingly dedicated but dull and bugger all like I want to end up and go look at your options ie GP/radiology etc etc...which inevitably involves googling gp vs hospital medicine and getting your fab blog. I am officially hooked. after dragging myself through 3 yrs of gen med and MRCP I now think GP is the way forward, not even just for the better lifestyle/pay, but for the sheer common sense (2 year research degree into GCA to get a rheum no with a 30% pay cut for NO GUARANTEED JOB!!!) drs really are stupid. and martyrs n(why should we want decent pay that goes up not down when we become more qualified??) by the way think my bleep must have broken cause med reg on call is not supposed to be this quiet..maybe hosp med is not that bad after all... look forward to next posting and loads of luck for paces you will be great. best thing is, walk in with huge smile and be confident. also helps if you can wear a skirt....

Vegas said...

Kate - thanks for the vibes. I have actually ended up watching most of the world cup as I can no longer stomach hours and hours of revision. Saturation point I reckon.

Jess - I would definitely fail if I wore a skirt. Am going to pick up my suit tomorrow. It's either that or sit through another eye clinic which will probably just confuse me even more. I have given up on fundoscopy. Forever.