Monday, June 19, 2006

So what now?

Exam finished. Survived. It was tough, but could have been worse. I'd give myself a 50-50 chance of passing. Will find out in 5 weeks.

Back at my place, watching the footy with a bottle of Lucozade and a microwave meal. Don't have the energy to get caned tonight. There is a beer festival for me to look forward to this weekend which will fill that hole nicely.

I seem to have a lot of nervous energy inside at the moment. If it wasn't dark and I lived somewhere where the kids don't carry guns to school I would consider going out for a run. Instead I'll probably have a shower and read my latest book about gambling. It's a good way of keeping the potential addiction at bay (I hope).

Have had a couple of conversations tonight which got me thinking about the career issue again. I can defer this until I get the exam result. Then it may (hopefully) be time to make some decisions. I've got some cool stuff lined up in the next few weeks and my future career plans can wait a little bit longer to be dealt with. I'm back at work tomorrow with a 13 hour shift and if that doesn't break me I might actually enjoy myself now that the shackles of revision have been removed from around my neck.

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