Sunday, July 23, 2006

Vegas MRCP

Passed! WICKED!

It makes all the sacrifices worthwhile:

Weekends spent revising rather than seeing friends/family/my girl-friend
Missing the wedding of one of my best mates
Having to cut my hair and look respectable
Not having a break since March
Missing Metallica on a rare trip to the UK
Missing the Goo Goo Dolls in London (although more news to follow on that hopefully)
Missing the Foo Fighters
Missing out on a trip to Switzerland to present a research poster I helped out with
Spending the best part of 4 grand on revision
Not joining a gym because I genuinely thought that I would be losing valuable revision time by making myself healthier
Making my junior house officers work slightly harder than I would ideally have liked to so I could get enough practice examining patients
Missing the Rolf Harris exhibition which finishes this week in London

Thank you to everyone who helped and everyone that wished me good luck. It all made a difference, as the exam is probably 50% knowledge and 50% confidence. I owe you all.


Kate said...

Ok, creepily enough, one of my friend's who's a microbiologist in Wales went to that conference to present a poster... =)

Congrats on the passing - NOW take some time for yourself?

Cath said...

Huzzah for you! Well done!

El Diablo De Verde said...

Awesome stuff! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Wicked News! MRCP.... woooooo....


Russell Brown said...

Nice one, well done.

angel, jr. said...


Maniac Muslimah said...

Congratulations Vegas! Am so thrilled for you :) Take a good break, yeah?

Anonymous said...

Congrats mate, hope I get some of that luck and confidence for my FRCA exams, enjoy the rest, Ami..x

The Venial Sinner said...

Congratulations indeed. I have decided it can no longer be put off and will try in OCt.

insider said...

Congratulations sir.

I, metaphorically, kiss your ring.