Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Will it ever stop?

I'm referring to my out-of-work work-related commitments. The late nights cramming for the exam have seamlessly blended into late nights preparing for case presentations. I have 3 different presentations to do in the space of 8 days. And I am on call for 25 hours over the weekend so need to get things done in the next few evenings.

I hope that after all of this I will be able to relax. It all depends on the result of the aforementioned exam. Will find out next week one way or the other. Just typing this is making me nervous. I REALLY want to pass.
On a lighter note, saw the Chili Peppers in London over the weekend with one of the guitarists from a band I used to play in (before we both graduated and got spread out all over the world). The support were awful but the Chilis rocked. They have so many songs to choose from now but everything they played kicked ass. Nice to see Flea and Frusciante working the crowd with their magic too.
Next piece of fun for me is a weekend in Jersey in a couple of weeks, then a weekend in Europe. August finishes off with the Reading festival. Work hard, play hard, retire early I guess. Problem is I'm rapidly tiring of working hard. Batteries need recharging ASAP.

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Kate said...

If it makes you feel any better, school consumes my life (not having a real job to have out-of-work-work-related projects with). I've even begun to dream of death. It's disturbing.

Have a good time on your weekends off - it's amazing what they can do for those batteries, although I found it takes a while to get back into the swing of things after the recharge period...