Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The new MMC/MTAS application system for doctors is a disgrace.
  • The whole administrative process is a shambles
  • Talented doctors are being overlooked and not shortlisted
  • The application form is a creative writing exercise rather than an accurate discriminatory tool
  • Doctors are being offered interviews for jobs they haven't even applied to
  • One deanery has allegedly not even bothered to look at half the applications it received as it was overwhemed by the volume

Please see this picture for an excellent summary of MMC courtesy of Dr Rant (enlarge it, print it out and pin it up in your mess at work).

It is all an exercise in reform for reform's sake. In 5-6 years we will have a bunch of sub-specialist senior doctors (who won't be allowed to call themselves Consultants) who will be inadequately trained to cope with the demands of their job. Patient care will suffer as a result. In the meantime, hundreds if not thousands of doctors and their families will be completely trampled upon for the sake of Patricia Hewitt's statistics. Who can we call upon for support? Step forward the BMA and the GMC.
The BMA is a useless self-serving organisation. All they do is offer discounted car insurance and a few publications every few months. It is a toothless entity which has neither the courage nor the capacity to stand up to these changes that are opposed by every single doctor I know. That is why I left the BMA several years ago. A decent trade union would have organized a ballot and strike many months ago.
The General Medical Council exist purely for the sake of drinking champagne and slapping each other on the back. All they do for doctors is charge them extortionate fees every year (which I cannot opt out of) and then strike them off when they see fit. Interestingly all GMC employees get private health cover...
I am not directly affected by the current shambolic process but many people I hold dear to me are. I would fully support a national strike by doctors with a view to overhauling the current mess. The problem is that there is no unifying voice within the medical profession calling for one. It may be time for doctors to stand up and look the enemy in the eye and force her to resign as soon as possible. There is a PROTEST MARCH scheduled in London on 17/3/7 - beyond that I would welcome suggestions/plans that may help. THE WORK BEING UNDERTAKEN BY REMEDY UK HAS MY FULL SUPPORT.
I have tried to write an emotionally balanced post in the context of a highly-charged situation. Enough is enough. My heart goes out to the many doctors who feel aggrieved right now - I have faith that things will work out for most people, but perhaps it is time for doctors to stop lying down and taking everything that is dished out to them.


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angel, jr. said...

I don't really understand the whole process yet, since I probably won't be applying for the Match till next year.

Anonymous said...

We don't even have a doctors mess in the hospital where I work!

Shiny Happy Person said...

I would be entirely in support of strike action.

At this stage in the game, many of us have nothing left to lose.

Dr No No said...

we doctors as a group are for some reason too scared to strike...when the reality is that until something drastic like that happens the government will continue to feed us cr*p and expect us to deal with it....enough is enough!

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

What a disgrace. Healthcare is a mess here too. Makes me worry when I travel! Perhaps I should check out the healthcare before hotel listings.

HospitalPhoenix said...

[tries to think of something positive to say]

At least we're all in it together. Let's keep our fingers crossed that strength in numbers means something in the long run.

The Angry Medic said...

Sigh. Like HP said, I guess we're all in the same boat. (The one that's headed to Australia/the US. Geddit?)

I hope this mess gets better before I graduate and realise all that hard work was for naught.