Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Going for a hat-trick

Michael Owen is roughly the same age as me. He has been written off several times, but tonight he scored a hat-trick and walked off with the match ball. 

I've got three urgent project deadlines, all due at various stages within the next four weeks.  I haven't been written off just yet, but it is getting bloody hard to do a full day's work and then come home every night to work on essays/revision/research/whatever.  So I need a hat-trick of my own.  The deadlines are 1) this week, 2) next week and 3) in four weeks. 

If I get all three of these projects done there is no match ball for me to keep, but I will be able to get back to enjoying my "spare" time again. Roll on 2010.


The Tudor Rose said...

One of my friends once broke down how much Owen was costing NUFC/week.

It was thoroughly depressing. Especially since he was in no condition to play most of the time.

Dr Vegas said...

Now he's at Man United he's on some kind of "pay as you play" deal. Not playing as muh as I'd like, but hopefully later in the season he'll get a run of games. Don't think he'll make it into the World Cup squad though...