Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A New Year. The same person.

Despite it being a new year and a 'fresh start' with the usual bunch of resolutions, some things never change.  One of those things is my tendency to leave all assignments until the last possible minute.  I don't just mean the day before.  I mean taking revision notes to the door of the exam hall with me, and staying up all night every time I have an essay to hand in.  This is not healthly behaviour, but the problem is that it works consistently with good results, so like Pavlov's dog I am conditioned to this.  I am able to minimise the time spent on assignments because I "know" that by simply doing nothing until the final week before any given deadline I can pick up a piece of work and cane it until it's done.  The difficulty is balancing this with my perfectionist tendencies - I somehow end up trying to perfect a piece of work that I have only allocated 10-20% of the available time to concentrate on.  This working pattern also gets much harder as I get older as I can't routinely stay up all night on willpower alone.  Coffee somehow makes me sleepy rather than alert and caffeine supplements like Pro-Plus (do they still make that these days?) don't touch me.  Oh, and of course I now have a demanding job to go to in the morning which is slightly different to being at university when you could realistically miss 50% of all the lectures and still pass provided you knew how to revise effectively.

Anyway, now is not the time to change the working habit of a lifetime.  Despite starting this project almost a year ago (or at least beginning to think about it), I remember adding a note to my calendar at that time for the day before the deadline (which is this week): "stay up all night to finish project".  I was never really going to work consistently on this project.  Instead, I had lots of fun last year, worked really hard when necessary, and left this project until the last possible minute.  And if I pass, I'll do everything exactly the same next time.


StorytellERdoc said...

Hey bud, enjoyed your post. Although sometimes the other side of the fence looks good, you know what works for you, even if it seems a little bit round-about and crazy (an all nighter would be the death of me now...). But you made it this far, right???

Maybe 2111 will be your year to change! LOL

The Tudor Rose said...

Eep. I never could pull all-nighters. They made me physically ill. But, hey, if it works for you, why change?

Dr Vegas said...

I have been awake for about 36 hours now. Project finished. Must sleep.