Sunday, August 01, 2010

August already?

This year is flying by.  Fortunately it's been action-packed, with loads of cool holidays, a near-death mystery illness and an upcoming promotion (with some more travelling in between hopefully).  I still have an immense amount of work/assignments/reading to do in my 'personal' time, but most of it is self-inflicted with a view to improving my chances of getting a decent job at the end of my training.

No more major holidays, so better knuckle down for a few weeks and try and sort my career/life out.  Can't help looking lovingly at the PS3 in the next room though - not good news for someone with an addictive personality....

As always, I'll attempt to post slightly more regularly from now on if I have anything interesting to say. Unless I die after a prolonged binge on the PS3.

1 comment:

Dr. Deb said...

I hope the mystery illness episode was solved. I hate those "to be continued" illnesses.